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Type No.JBYD-6501 (A)

Brand:wanlian brand
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Power supply: 50/60Hz 220V (1 + 10%)

Counting speed: 900 pages / minute

Counting power: less than 90 W

Banknote bundling power: less than 80W

The insurance tube current: 2A

Current: 0.5A

Weight: 11.5kg

Environmental temperature humidity: 0 DEG -40 DEG 30%-80%

Banknote receiving station capacity: 200

Banknote bundling station capacity: 120 tickets / to

Counting counting display range: 1-99999 Zhang

Counting the preset display range: 1-999 Zhang

Banknote bundling dimensions: length: 110~180mm, width: 50~110mm

Counting dimensions: length: 110-175mm, width: 50-100mm, thickness: 0.075-0.1mm

But counting dimensions: length 110mm-180mm, width 50mm-110mm, thickness 0.075mm-0.15mm

The old and new version of the renminbi has mixed, plate processing, counting, preset count, automatic start and stop, automatic counting (cumulative), automatic reset, automatic dust removal, identifiable currency banknote, adhesion, even Zhang, Zhang Zhang, prevent leakage etc.. Using a variety of anti fake identification method of intelligent false discrimination, with a light, magnetic identification, digital authentication, infrared, safety line decoding, spectroscopy as well as high-end weak magnetic code.

Using high-speed chip image processing control technology to realize full automation, data processing, has the advantages of scientific design, beautiful shape, fault detection, accurate counting, discrimination rate is high, low cost, complete functions, features simple repair, solve the tedious work of pseudo artificial counting and identification.

This machine is mainly to identify rmb. Authentication method mainly has the multi spectral image, image, infrared image of violet, white light image, magnetic, fluorescent, safety, magnetic characteristics of infrared characteristics, 11 kinds of pseudo Kam mode. To reliably detect counterfeit, change, even a coin minting clamp piece, etc., currency banknote. The machine realizes the automatic start and stop, automatic reset, preset number of sheets, even a banknote recognition, recognition, identification, the width of fault self diagnosis, automatic dust absorption, external display interface, software upgrade interface, printer interface, TF card automatic memory function. This product combines EO, through value-added extension products, innovative design, the currency count bundled technology com., unique business circle mechanism and pressing mechanism to realize the miniaturization of product. Especially in the banknote check process, can also be according to the need for paper money take-up, pressing, hot viscosity, shear into the. Speed, bundled bundling quality conforms to the requirements of financial institutions, which greatly improves the working efficiency. Product volume is small but also saves desk space. This product adopts instant heating technology without preheating, heat can work. Hot viscosity temperature, bundling tightness, bundling position can be adjusted according to requirements. This product has applied for sixteen patents, and the number of authorized.


This product is a special high-end new GB A-class bank boutique model, a unique new authentication detection technology, optical variable ink inspection technology, array red and marshalling magnetic false distinguishing technology, a unique new GB 10 differential technology, super discrimination ability.

All intelligent system: automatic start, automatic accumulation, automatic reset, intelligent total system; intelligent discrimination, discrimination, identification system, number recognition system; fault self diagnosis, sound and light alarm, digital processing system, PC single, multi machine remote upgrade assist system.

Full function system: menu set full function system; intelligent, total amount, different editions, accumulating, preset function system; Zhang number can be preset batch automatic bill checking, also can separate check.

High precision counterfeit: using the white light image, ultraviolet image, multi spectral image, ultraviolet optical characteristics, fluorescence characteristics, display infrared optical characteristics, security features, magnetic characteristics of magnetic marshalling, crown word number recognition and so on more than 10 kinds of identification technology and counterfeit bank note alarm regardless of number and first identify counterfeit currency function of modern analysis of authentication technology high-tech identification.

Automatic precision counting: counting, accurate calculation of fifth sets of various versions of RMB notes, the total amount of total number of sheets.

Identify the precise: accurately identify RMB roll, P., set.

Unusual coin recognition: intelligent recognition banknote, crack, Ban Zhang, Lian Zhang, Zhang Zhang notes, transparent material adhesion coin.

Fully compatible with: the fourth set of RMB, fifth sets of each edition of RMB notes full compatibility.

Information query system: single access instruction, the currency-counting machine one by one information, the establishment of counterfeit currency blacklist, upload to crown size information network port, connect the printer to print crown word number and other information.

Database system: flexible storage card information management function, fully compatible with each big bank network protocol, flexible parameter setting.

System of Internet of things: application of the Internet of things technology, to realize the control and query to bank on the circulation of money.

High-end configuration: large HD TFT full color touch screen, the animation, the whole Chinese fault sound light alarm, fault cause prompting, electronic clock, full USB support online upgrade. With print port, network port, USB interface, display interface, TF (storage) card socket and other multifunctional external interface settings.